Who Are The Ambitious Parents?

There’s plethora of anecdotal evidence indicating that most kids these days:

  • Endlessly watch the TV
  • Play video games dozens of hours per week
  • Spend lots of time mindlessly on social media
  • Dislike (or even hate) learning
  • Don’t read books

We have seen in Outliers that success comes from:

  1. The unfair opportunities
  2. Hard work and learning

It seems obvious that we’ll not raise any outlier if we follow the mainstream (a public school with 20 kids in a classroom, lots of TV, video games, no reading, …). Let’s do a better job – it’s our responsibility to help create the unfair advantages for our kids.

Ambitious parents are young professionals (usually entrepreneurs or self-employed) who:

  • Believe in hard work over luck
  • Are passionate about learning and personal growth
  • Know about the 10,000 Hour Rule
  • Know the power of a great mentor
  • Know that we’re the average of our 5 closest friends
  • Know that the outliers raise thanks to the advantages they get
  • Look for productivity & life hacks
  • Read a lot
  • …and obviously, have a little kid or two (or will have soon)

What do we do?


Who we are NOT?

We know that parenting should balance high expectations with warmth and emotional support. Thus we’re not overly demanding, neither set unrealistic goals for the children.

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