Preparing a new course: How to teach kids encyclopedic knowledge

In 2016, I launched a technical course on Udemy. More than 2,500 students enrolled to learn about the advanced SQL.

It’s been a very rewarding experience!

I got lots of positive feedback, great rating, encouraging reviews and students kept asking for more courses. To sum up my learnings, I even wrote a post on Medium with a transparent revenue report.

These days, I prepare a new course for the ambitious parents who want to accelerate their kids with the famous Glenn Doman’s method.

You will find out how the most ambitious parents increase their kids’ intelligence by teaching them encyclopedic facts.

More info?

Here’s the course page (#workInProgress).

Watch this 2-min intro video to learn more:

Feb 14, 2017

You may know that February 14 is not just St. Valentine’s Day, but it’s also my birthday!

I plan to launch the course exactly on this date.

Looks interesting, right?

Stay tuned or subscribe, I’ll keep you posted!

💸 There will be a 50% discount with a coupon code EARLYBIRD.




    January 29, 2017

    Isn’t this all extraordinarily obvious? You should work on your blogspam skills there my dude

    • michal.juhas

      February 25, 2017

      Even though it may sound obvious to many of us, it’s certainly not something majority is practicing, right?

      It’s like with sugar: it’s obvious how unhealthy it is, so how come so many people have mouths full of cakes all the time? 🙂