Why Have We Started With Brachiation?

A few weeks ago I read Glenn Doman’s book Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby. It has changed the way I interact with my two children and how I view their physical development.

One of the many things we’ve adopted is brachiation.

“Brachiation, or arm swinging, is a form of arboreal locomotion in which primates swing from tree limb to tree limb using only their arms.” ~Wiki


My wife and I are hanging on a brachiation ladder, showing kids how much fun it is.

Glenn Doman claims that:

“[Brachiation] is extremely easy for a very young child and extremely difficult for an adult. It is a very valuable ability because it helps the child to create a bigger, better chest, and as a result he breathes more deeply, regularly and maturely.” ~Glenn Doman

Brachiation ladders help children develop their lungs and upper arm strength. Babies have a lot of upper arm strength, but they lose it if they don’t use it. And this is a great way to encourage them to maintain it.

2017-01-21 12.19.54-mia-cropped.jpg

Practicing brachiation with my little daughter.

We aim to practice brachiation at least once a day, although Doman recommends 5-10x a day 😀 … #impossible?

I hope kids will get strong arms and then we can level up with some basic gymnastics.

Oh, and my gym rings are already waiting for them!

Build your own

The book includes detailed info how to construct your own brachiation ladder.

I was even thinking about building a ladder in our apartment 🙂 But we have a decent ladder in our condominium, so no need at this point.


Brachiation ladder


If you don’t feel like constructing a brachiation ladder, a trapeze on a tree in your garden will be enough.