How Do We Create Our Own Encyclopedic Cards?

We have started teaching our older son the encyclopedic knowledge recently.

Actually, we started already a long time ago with “regular” flashcards. But only after reading Glenn Doman’s How To Teach Encyclopedic Knowledge, I approached it in a more organized way.

However, I was quite disappointed in our local book shop. They only had a few packs of cards:

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • And only 2-3 real encyclopedic sets

With my wife, we went to one of the shops around and were quite disappointed. They had a very limited inventory.

The Phonics Flashcards (photo below) is not an encyclopedic set because it lacks the facts. But it’s closest from all the cards they had.


This set is not bad, but quite expensive, and contains only 44 cards.

Soon, we run out of flashcards!

It took only a few weeks to run out of the cards. There’s more to order on Amazon, but the shipping to Thailand is way too expensive.

You know that a setback like this would not stop an ambitious parent from teaching their kids encyclopedic knowledge, right? 🙂

Shall we create our own cards?

As our kids really like flashcards, my wife proposed to create our own sets.

I thought it’s a terrible idea!

That reminded me each great idea sounds like a terrible idea at first.

We researched how to do the encyclopedic cards, got in touch with The Institutes, asked our friends, hired freelancers to help us… and eventually produced our own cards.



A session with our own encyclopedic cards.



The AmbitiousParents’ knowledge cards follow Glenn Doman’s categorization:


10 divisions, 10+ categories, multiple sets in each category.

Example: A set of cats

  • The facts are organized into divisions (i.e. Biology).
  • Each division contains multiple categories (i.e. Great Artists).
  • Each category contains one or more sets (i.e. Set 1).
  • Each set contains 10 or more items (i.e. Siamese cat).
  • Each item contains several facts, from the easiest to the hardest.

You can see on the photo below what it looks like:


Biology > Cats > Set 1 (10 cats)

Each item, i.e. Siamese cat, includes a high-quality photo and up to 10 facts. Glenn Doman suggests to order the facts from the easiest to the most difficult and we follow.


Siamese cat (Front & back page of the card)

Checklist, please

While teaching our kids, we found out it’s difficult to keep track of the progress.

So we’ve added a simple checklist to each set cover.

It cannot be easier, can it?


How to get these cards?

You can get 50 cards for free and subscribe to get more cards every Monday to your inbox.

Just print them out. It couldn’t get easier, right?

How to use the cards efficiently?

You can enroll in this course to learn how to use the cars to boost your kids’ intelligence.

In the course, my wife and I share all the best practices and learnings.

Have fun while teaching encyclopedic facts! 🙂