Garbage In, Garbage Out

Recently, I was experimenting with a machine learning project at HotelQuickly. When I was testing an algorithm, I saw how important was it to create a good training data set. In short, the data set is a set of facts used to “teach” the machine. The machine itself “discovers” relationships, creates a statistical model and eventually is able to come up with its own “solution” for new data.

In computer science, we have an abbreviation GIGO—Garbage In, Garbage Out—which indicates that we cannot expect a good outcome prediction model if we feed the machine with “garbage” training data set.

A technique called “deep learning” is in fact very similar to what our brain does.

We need to feed our brains with facts which are the basic knowledge. And our brain is able to come up with new thoughts and ideas based on what we already know.

A child who by three years of age has a huge knowledge bank will be seen to be highly intelligent.

So how do we make sure we don’t store “garbage” in our kids’ brains?

In other words, how do we make sure we feed their brains with high-quality knowledge?

Knowledge is based on information and information can be gained only through facts.

We need to stop feeding our brains with garbage! Cartoons, TV shows and video games are all garbage.

Let’s do some counting

The kids have 5-6 hours of free time per day on average. In our case, it’s 30 mins before school, and 5 hours after school. What are the options they have to spend this time?

What are the options they have to spend this time?

  • A) Watch TV cartoons and then play video games leads to mediocrity and overweight children.
  • B) Or spend the time together and teach them about the world around us, about the greatest artists and their paintings, teach them a new language or do some BrainQuest exercises.

With my kids, I want to make sure to use the time right — feed their brains with some high-quality stuff.

Some time ago we used to watch YouTube cartoons while waiting for an appointment. But not anymore! Now we prefer to do some BrainQuest exercises. 🙂

Using spare time to go through BrainQuest exercise, while waiting for a doctor appointment.